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The Perfect Service for the Perfect Small Business

WebMaster Internet Services is well suited to provide your small business with internet and e-commerce solutions. We offer state-of-the art web programming and design that adapts to any budget. We also offer PDA solutions for your Palm OS® and Pocket PC® handheld.

Web site design and programming consists of the following: 

  • Page layout and design

  • Flash and other multimedia content

  • e-commerce

  • WebHosting

  • Proprietary Domain Name Assignment & Registration

  • Site listing to various directories

  • Site maintenance and optimization

  • Banner Ad sharing amongst non-competitive sites.

  • SubPortal configuration for dynamic content

Other Services:

  • Computer/workstation/server reseller/assembly. Get the latest workstation for the best price, brand new! Go to our builder's page.

  • Monthly workstation/computer maintenance from $50 per computer

  • Deluxe maintenance includes windows and registry optimization

  • Troubleshooting systems from $100/hour

  • Upgrading workstations/computers from $75/hour plus parts

  • Network setup and configuration from $375 per computer/workstation

  • WebPage setup, design and programming from $900

  • e-commerce JavaScript engine setup and programming from $800

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WIS is dedicated to performing all featured services with the thoroughness and quality you need for your business to excel.  Our technicians are certified by Microsoft® in Upgrading, Troubleshooting and Maintenance of PC's, Networks, Servers and Workstations.  We have 20+ years of experience in Internet Services and Web space design as well. We also have over 5+ years of experience in Palm OS platform solutions.